About Me

My name is Chris O’Boyle, and I am a web and graphic designer passionate about creating clean, unique and elegant designs that are jaw dropping.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I organize disorder, and coax unity out of disarray amongst the interwebs. The web is my preferred medium, and I spend a lot of time on the internet. I want to add my personal touch to the look and feel of it.

After taking classes in both the graphic design and psychology fields, I have learned to understand the artistic and the psychological sides of design and user experience. I enjoy doing research and learning more about human behavior as well as their interaction with the web.

When I’m not designing for the masses, I tend to have expensive hobbies such as; traveling, cars, golf, and the one you would least expect, photography. I have been to thirteen countries in addition to studying in England and have documented most of my experiences along the way which you can see by my abundance of photography here on my portfolio.


Excellent results, great attention to detail, high regard for customer service. I highly recommend Chris O’Boyle.
-Robert Dobresnki

Chris is a guru in the area of graphic design. His work is remarkable and unprecedented. His creativity mixed with a strong work ethic in everything he does will continue to allow Chris to succeed in all endeavors he pursues.
- Zachary Doan

Chris is very responsible, does great work, and its extremely creative.
- Robin Benson

Chris has always gone above and beyond when working on my projects. His amazing quality, great communication and quick response time has brought me back to him time and time again. He is extremely creative, and always impresses me with his artistic talent.
-Derek Conte

Chris has done a fantastic job! The team enjoyed working with him, he’s got a great attitude, and is lightning fast with churning out work. Exactly what we needed.
-Sydney Williams